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Welcome to the EveryBlock widget builder where you can create customized local content for your site which is sortable by neighborhood and over 25 different information types. Everything from crime reports, restaurant reviews and local news stories.

To begin, you must first register your site with our developer team and obtain an API key in the For Developers section of EveryBlock.

Registration is free and takes less than 30 seconds. Once you have your key you will be able to create, style and publish custom local information for your site.

For examples of how some of the leading media companies use EveryBlock’s widget please visit Widget Uses.

We’re creating a repository of EveryBlock applications to promote and share with our developer community so once you have created your own unique EveryBlock widget, please be sure to share your site with our development community in the Apps and Services section of this site.

For any questions or to contact us please contact us.